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Oct 8, 2020

On this episode, host Praveen Ranganath breaks down a recently-published original science paper (Lee et al) in the journal on spectral CT in coronary CTA for chronic total occlusions. Join Praveen as he speaks with Dr. Sung Ho Hwang, the paper's senior author, and Dr. Ronen Rubinshtein (@TelAvivUni), one of the authors of the accompanying editorial. Can spectral CT-derived coronary iodine concentration in CTO lesions predict PCI success? Tune in and find out!

00:00-01:02- Introduction with Dr. Abbara

01:48-06:29- Introduction with Dr. Ranganath

06:30-16:13- Interview with Dr. Hwang

16:14-37:09- Interview with Dr. Rubinshtein




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