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Sep 7, 2023

Host Praveen Ranganath is joined by Dr. Maria Clara Lorca to discuss cardiothoracic imaging fellowship programs from the perspectives of the applicant.

Jun 22, 2023

Host Praveen Ranganath is joined by Dr. Domenico Mastrodicasa and Dr. Dominik Fleischman to discuss an upcoming study on the relationship between uncomplicated type B aortic dissections, CT imaging, and clinical outcomes.

Registry of Aortic Diseases to Model Adverse Events and Progression (ROADMAP) in Uncomplicated Type...

Dec 13, 2022

Dr. Miranda Bijvoet and Dr. Casper Mihl join host Dr. Praveen Ranganath to discuss a compelling systematic review on the atrial fibrosis through the lens of cardiac MRI, electroanatomic mapping, and histopathology.

Correlation between Cardiac MRI and Voltage Mapping in Evaluating Atrial Fibrosis. Bijvoet et al....

Sep 15, 2022

Dr. Aquino and Dr. Emrich, lead and senior authors of a paper recently published in the journal, join host @PraveenRangana9 to discuss the potential role of a novel CT-derived measurement in predicting outcomes following TAVR.

Feasibility of Coronary CT Angiography–derived Left Ventricular Long-Axis Shortening as an...

May 5, 2022

Host @PraveenRangana9 is joined by Dr. Sharma and Dr. McDermott from @MGHImaging to discuss a novel imaging-guided technique for preoperative nodule localization. Tune in and enjoy!

Preoperative CT-guided Fiducial Marker Placement for Surgical Localization of Pulmonary Nodules. McDermott and Frenk et al. Radiology:...